McDowell’s Water is processed in our plant at par BIS standard and packaged in solid, transparent PET container of different capacity. This water is easy and convenient to use and made from food grade non toxic material. Water is available with Dispensing units of 2 sizes....more

McDowell’s produces two types of Soda water under Brand name of McDowell’s Platinum Soda and McDowell’s Celebration Soda. Total Process of the manufacturing is computerised and done under strict quality control. These Soda Waters are available in 600 ml and 300 ml transparent PET container....more

This is an international brand for drinks. In our plant. We manufacture and package Captain Morgan brand of Cola, Masala Cola, Orange and Fresh Lemon in transparent PET container. The entire manufacturing process is closely monitored for quality and standard....more

Picasona is licensed / registered as franchisee for manufacturing & marketing the well reputed 'McDowell's No. 1 Platinum' Brand of Packaged water and Celebration Soda owned by the world famous United Spirits Limited, a division of 'UB'.

Picasona Agriculture Products Pvt. Ltd. is a multipronged company engaged in Water Plant, Food and Cold storage industry. It is because of our dedication, we have bestowed franchisee for McDowell’s Platinum Water and Soda and also Beverages of Captain Morgan brand....more

Captain Morgan is an international brand, showed their presence in various drinks. Picasona is being bestowed with their Franchisee to manufacture, package and distribute their Captain Morgan Cola, Masala Cola, Orange and Fresh Lemon.

We have franchisee all over West Bengal for McDowell’s products. Click for entire Picasona franchisee product list. We are spreading our distribution network more to enable the water and beverage available within your reach. Click for distribution details.

McDowell’s Platinum Water goes through rigorous 8 stage purification process to meet the most stringent Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for water purity vide IS 14543. Our water treatment plant is equipped with state of the art online dosing, multistage micron filtration, RO processing and UV sterilization....more

When it comes to your health, the quality of your drinking water is just as important as that of the quantity. Hence our endeavour is to manufacture packaged water to the international standard of water for human consumption. Water produced by is tested for all chemical and microbiological parameters. Please ensure that the Container you purchase, is sealed.

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